Reports coming in indicate how Robin Kisti called it a day at STV Uganda just three months since she joined the station.

Former NTV Uganda presenter Robinah Nambooze a.k.a Robin Kisti joined STV Uganda in November 2021 to present the “100 Degrees” show.

Together with Mosh Mulla, Grimez Ug, and DJ Lenox, Kisti has been happily showing up and presenting the show, all smiles.

Behind the scenes, however, it seems not everything has been going on perfectly well.

According to different sources, upon joining SK Mbuga’s station, Kisti requested to be given a company car to ease her movement.

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She allegedly reasoned that her own car had mechanical faults and that she would return the company car once the repairs on her car were finished.

Kisti’s pleas were accepted and a branded company car was given to her to ease her transportation to and from work.

Everything seemed to go on smoothly until over a month later, Kisti had not returned the company car and she kept using it for her personal errands.

Sources further allege that she never even wanted any other employees to use it and would keep it through the weekends even when it was needed at the station to transport workers to the field.

After two months of possession, the company is said to have forcefully repossessed the car and she felt disrespected.

Kisti is said to have resigned in mid January 2022, leaving Mosh Mulla to present the show alone as STV struggles to find a replacement.

She is yet to publicly comment on the matter but there seems to be no way back for her at STV. She also fell out of favour at Next Media after attacking the station following their recruitment of her nemesis Sheilah Gashumba.

We await to see her next move!

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