NBS TV presenter MC Casmir reveals that the trending video relating to his viral cheating scandal was setup by the jealous hubby of the woman in the video.

A viral video of Casmir and an unidentified lady with whom he has been cheating has been making rounds on social media for the past two days.

During an phone call interview with Sanyuka TV, Casmir Mukisa Kimenyi a.k.a MC Casmir admitted that he has been dating the woman for two months now.

He said, “I’ve been seeing that woman since last year. We’ve been together for two months, since December. I found her in the process of separating from her husband but when the hubby found out that she has someone else, he became jealous. He started following me.”

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Casmir says that he was arrested on Tuesday and taken back to his home with the woman to create a scene for humiliation.

“On Tuesday we met for a date at Middle East Restaurant. We’ve often been meeting and I think the man has been monitoring our movements. On Tuesday at 11pm, I dropped her at her home in Ntinda but the man had parked somehow waiting to confirm if it was dropping off his wife,” Casmir narrated.

While parked near former Tuskeys Supermarket in Ntinda, Casmir remembers the man approaching his car saying, “So you are the one who wants to take my wife? I won’t allow it.”

“The man then ordered my arrest that same night and took me to a police station in Ntinda. He was very angry and I was thrown into the cells,” Casmir noted.

I wasn’t even found home. We were only taken back there to create the evidence.

MC Casmir

He also revealed how the recorded video of himself and the lady at his house was staged by the hubby and policemen to humiliate him.

“I was saying sorry coz I wanted him to stop filming because he wanted to humiliate me. I played dumb and pleaded that he turns off the camera. He used money and they even turned my bedroom into a crime scene so that the video would trend. He recorded us for like twenty minutes but only cut out that part that would trend just to humiliate me,” Casmir added.

Casmir reveals that even the officers were paid to humiliate him and they are the ones who leaked the video.

The NBS TV presenter also said that he is worried about dating the woman again because he is afraid the husband might shoot him out of jealousy.

I am not sure (I can date her again) because the man can even shoot me dead now. Above all, we are good friends. We have no issues between us.

You saw that lady in pictures while she was stressed but if you met her in reality she is a very nice woman and hardworking.

MC Casmir

Watch the full video below:

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