According to socialite Bad Black, women need to take their men for treats on Valentine’s Day instead of waiting for men to do everything for them.

Valentine’s Day happens annually on 14th February and people around the world celebrate love in different ways.

Often, it is almost a custom for men to spend money buying gifts for their lovers and taking them for treats to celebrate this day.

Ugandan socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa, however, feels like that is no longer a norm that needs to be upheld.

Bad Black and her fiance Asha Panda

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Through social media, the controversial socialite urged men to avoid dating broke women who cannot spare some money to spend on them.

She also advised women to stop always thinking that it is the man’s job to pay for everything, especially on Val’s day.

“Stop dating broke minded girls who think everything should be paid by a man especially this valentine,” Bad Black noted.

“Valentine is not a Women’s Day nor Mother’s Day. Mwe ba don’t disturb me oba waiting for rich men, wait (for) Heroes Day,” she added.

In her Valentine’s Day message to her fiance Asha Panda, Bad Black poured her heart out, revealing how what she feels for him is “more than love.”

She continued thanking God for sending her the perfect man who saved ber from depression and suicidal thoughts.

Sometimes I have no explanation because what I feel is more than love. God answered & rewarded my kind heart with you Asha Panda.

Daddy thank you for comin into my life. Without you depression, desperation and suicide thoughts would’ve caught me in there cage.

You’re the reason am still moving and chasing goals for our children. Happy valentine daddy. I love you from the depth of my soul.

Bad Black


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