Early this year, rising singer Omukunjja Atasera, born Ssempijja Dan Thadeus, caused a stir at the Janzi Awards ceremony when he stormed the stage and fought singer Gerald Kiweewa for allegedly misusing funds got from Gen. Salim Saleh in Gulu.

During the scuffle, Omukunjja Atesera was dragged out of the venue by security and later released by the help of Promotah Vegas.

A few days later, reports emerged claiming that Omukunjja had been kidnapped by unknown individuals and illegally detained.

The next time he appeared in media, he claimed he had been tortured and severely beaten to the extent that his kidneys were damaged.

With tears rolling down his face, Omukunjja sought for financial help from the public to afford treatment and surgery on his kidneys.

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Jalia Walda, a social media influencer felt touched by Omukunjja’s outcry and chipped in to foot his medical bills, paying a sum of USD3000.

She was, however, left disappointed by the rising singer when she again saw him on TV crying to the public claiming that he had not yet received the required treatment.

Jalia Walda was later shocked even more to learn that Omukunjja had purchased a brand new car. She then grilled him to speak the truth if he was really tortured or not.

In a phone interview, Omukunjja failed to answer Jalia’s questions but confirmed that he faked some torture allegations.

Watch the interview here below:

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