Media personality and fashionista Malaika Tenshi Nnyanzi used all the sweet words to describe her friendship with Actress and Comedienne Martha Kay Kagimba.

Sometimes you meet a person and you just click—you’re comfortable with them, like you’ve known them your whole life, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything

Girl friendships often crumble over several issues, creating bitter enemies from what once was an unbreakable bond.

It’s for the above reason that good friendships must be celebrated because they are hard to find – well, at least Malaika agrees.

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Today, the Capital FM presenter chooses to celebrate her bond with the ever-jolly Martha Kay Kagimba

Through Instagram, Malaika has shared a lovely, heartwarming message describing Martha as “one of the sweetest people” she knows.

In her message to celebrate their relationship, Malaika says that Martha is such a sweet and mature friend to have.

She labels her all the sweet names and applauds her emotional intelligence, generosity, kindness, among several other attributes.

Allow me tell you about one of the sweetest people I know and love, my bisqwit, my friend Martha Kay.

She is one of those friends everyone needs to have in their life. Funny, thoughtful, kind, generous with her time and heart. The most Emotionally Intelligent Human I know.

We spend no less than 2hrs on the phone talking, being real and encouraging each other. She has taught me so much over the few years we have known each other. I feel like I have known her forever.

She loves red, hates cake, cooks like a master chef but won’t eat, the life of the party and a true and genuine human being.

To know Martha Kay is to know maturity in friendship.

Malaika Tenshi

Must be nice having such a friend, innit?

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