Singer Allan Hendrik Ssali a.k.a Paper Daddy has no time for critics who bash him for sounding like his father Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool.

He reasons that sounding like his father is natural and a God given blessing and rather not an option he chose.

The “Boo” singer stresses that there are very many people out there who want to sound and maybe look like his dad and have done everything in their means to achieve it in vain.

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In that essence, Allan Hendrik states that it is no longer a problem to look like his dad.

He joked about how he might need a surgery to change his looks and sound if the critics are fed up of his current natural attributes.

Hendrik also said that he has no plans of changing his music style until he achieves his dream in the music industry which, he believes, is not far away.

A lot of people want to sound like a star and Bebe Cool is a star. So, when I finished making that song (his first song), I decided that I am going to keep on trying and working hard towards my goal. I recorded very many songs and some remained in the studio just like that.

Allan Hendrik

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