One of the revelers at Nexus Lounge must have returned home with slap marks across his face on Valentine’s Day after Winnie Nwagi slapped him for filming up her miniskirt during a performance.

Just a few days ago, Winnie Nwagi clashed with some of her fans in Dubai over invading her space as they got too close while asking for selfies.

While performing at Nexus Lounge on Valentine’s Day, she went ham on one of the revelers who was allegedly filming up her skirt.

In the video, Nwagi seems to be having a good time before she notices that some fans were rather enjoying the view up her skirt.

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She appears to warn off one of them who by the looks of it doesn’t take her warning seriously. Nwagi then bends over to slap the fan twice before continuing her performance.

This is not the first time that the hotheaded singer has violently reacted to a similar scenario.

In 2018, while performing in Sweden, Nwagi grabbed a fan’s phone and smashed it to the ground because he was allegedly filming up her thighs.

She has been labelled a “violent woman” by several social media users while other commend her actions and rather blame the fans for being so perverted.

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