Ibrahim Shakira, a presenter on NBS TV’s Youth Voice show has apologised after a video went viral showing her dirty dancing while on a school tour over the weekend.

In the video, while on stage in front of a crowd of students, Shakira Ibrahim was dubbed and lifted in the air by one of the students.

The video that went viral on social media attracted lots of criticism from netizens some of whom blamed Shakira for exposing young students to a “degrading act.”

Through social media on Friday evening, Shakira has issued a statement of apology to her fans.

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Shakira claims that she was put in a situation beyond her control and it led to biased judgement from members of the public

She says that some of the criticism that has been cast her way comes from people who have no idea of what transpired.

The ever-jolly presenter notes that she was carried and humped by a student all in a rush.

She apologises to her fans for “being too small to be carried easily,” and to the students who should have been protected from such a degrading act.

In this life, we tend to be put in situations beyond our control and then blamed for the outcome of such situations despite not having any control whatsoever on what transpired.

I apologise to my fans and the entire public for being in such a situation where a hefty man (student) decided to carry me and hump me from the back infront of such a young audience that are not meant to witness such a degrading act.

I apologise for being too small to be carried easily. I apologise for not having any control over the situation. I apologise for the misogynist who carried me. I apologise for being in the arena.

Shakira Ibrahim

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