Singer Chosen Becky, real name Rebecca Kwikiriza, has vowed to sue a local promoter in Mubende who has been using her name and image on concert posters without her consent.

According to the poster shared on social media by Chosen Becky, she was among a host of other artistes booked to perform at one of the five venues in Mubende.

The streak of concerts was to span through 25th February to 6th March in Kalamba, Kassanda, Madudu, Nalweyo, Karuguuza, Igayaza, etc.

On the receipt that Chosen Becky shared, it shows that she accepted to perform at all the concerts and was paid a deposit of Shs500k of the Shs6m.

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The receipts are even signed by a one Simon who identifies himself as Becky’s manager.

Upon landing on the receipts, the songstress made it clear of how fake they were and that she was not going to perform the said events.

She also noted how there are people who are working tirelessly to tarnishe her image and they are using her name in illegal dealings.

She has since filed a case with police to have the fraud investigated.

Dear my fans

The promoter and organiser of this show presented a fake receipt claiming to have originated from me and it was the basis of publishing my image on their promotional poster which they are using to tarnish our name.

I wish to reach out to you my fans that I have never made any arrangements with these people. The receipt is fake as you can see from the name, the phone numbers are fake, except my business line which they got from my social media pages, and I also do not work with anyone called Simon as my manager.

I have opened up cases of fraud and defamation with the Uganda Police Force and I hope this will be investigated.

Ilove you all!

Chosen Becky

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