Dreventy, the buzzing pop icon, narrates the journey of his burgeoning career in a candid debut laced with personal stories.

Dreventy is one of the new school acts from the land and he’s been doing it for a minute. Since his arrival onto the scene in 2019, he has built an organic online following as one of the rising acts on the music scene with a fresh and unique sound—a contemporary pop act but one who fluidly moves between RnB, soul, rap, and fusions of the three. He does so effortlessly.

From then to date, he has released a couple of singles; three in total, including his critically acclaimed debut I Won’t Forget which later got a remix by Maerco late last year. His most effort to put his body of work together was employing the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown as quality time to create it; and in a few days from now, he’ll be leveling up by making the EP available everywhere for your listening pleasure.

Derrick Talemwa who is also professionally known as Dreventy says he first conceived the idea of offering this EP to the world in 2017, just before he could finalize with high school but he never felt it was ready yet hence the multiple delays.

As far as full-length projects from the fellows who are doing it come, Blue Detail is in a class of its own. 5 tracks long, with zero features as a portrayal of self-assurance of ability, giving off a precise, melodic flow that makes it clear that he’s not like anyone else, and he’s not trying to be.

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But the Extended Play isn’t built on just sonics alone. Blue Detail is an EP full of personal stories from the singer as he speaks of his journey so far, from family to his love life, and even tales of the future; of where he wants to be. And who better to tell those stories than the buzzing singer himself? We invited Dreventy to speak to us about his debut EP, and the stories behind its creation.

Check out our conversation below:

So, Blue Detail. Where does the title of the EP come from?

Blue Detail to me serves as a blueprint for what I want to represent as an artist, sound, and what I represent, being my very first major project. Blue Detail is just telling the story of how over the years, I’ve had to kind of like figure out my own path, my own direction when it comes to my music and which way I want it to take and how I want people to kind of accept my sound, my idea, my concept as an artist.

Five years ago, you planned you’d be dropping your debut project in five years’ time. How did you know that you’d be ready by this time?

To be quite honest, there was never a perfect time for the project to come alive, it was not much of a gamble since the EP was written back then, and with three singles behind me, it felt like a perfect time to drop a full body of work and hence recording and dropping the project.

You’re one artist who was been doing things differently in terms of your sound. Usually in this part of the world when you see artists who have a different sound, you always see people go like “oh that music won’t sell here” or “that artist won’t blow up here,” that kind of stuff. Is that a concern for you?

Initially, it was. Because over the years I’ve dabbled in different sounds, I’ve experimented a lot in different things that I assumed worked for other people and might work for me, and things that I just personally wanted to experiment around. So with me, it was a concern but I figured out it’s more about who I am as an artist and if someone can relate to the messages in my songs and know they are not alone.

What was your favorite part about creating the project?

The writing process. And how each song represents something I was personally going through from singing about love and heartbreak to talking about my grandpa and how much I miss him. All in all, though the work was hard, it was a beautiful experience and it’s a project I am proud of.

Reflecting on how things have been since you started, how do you think things will change for you when this project drops?

Right now I feel like there are a lot more people who are welcoming of my sound, People are now more diverse in the kind of music they listen to and I feel that the audience is always looking for something new and fresh to vibe to.

What’s your favorite song on the EP?

My favorite song is “Grand Pa” .

Why “Grand Pa”?

Well—I enjoyed making all the songs on the album obviously—but the song “Grand Pa” is the song closest to my heart because it’s about the love I had for my grandpa who passed away and with whom I was close. I sing of how much I miss him and how I wish he was here to see his grandson trying to make him proud.

You are heavily engaged in the songwriting process for all your projects, why do you think it is advisable artists for artists to be their own writers for music?

I feel like artists who write their own songs are better able to convey their feelings and experiences into the songs. And when an artist does that listeners going through the same thing are able to relate.

Are there any interesting stories about any of the songs on the album you can tell us?

Definitely. The first song on the EP “Check On Me” I was in a relationship at the time and my girl was ghosting me and not returning my calls. So I literally wrote the song asking her to come to check on me because I didn’t our relationship to end.

Then on the last song ”Hopeless”. I sing about getting over her and moving on. I feel like the two experiences at the beginning and end of the EP give it a perspective audience can relate two.

Who are the five artists that inspire your music/ sound?

I am inspired by artists like Chris Brown, Doja Cat, Zayn Malik, Trey Songz, and Christina Perry not to mention but a few.

Got any hobbies or interests outside of music? and what are those?

Yes, I play basketball during my free time and I also love to draw.

What do you want people’s takeaway from “Blue Detail” to be?

I want people to relate to the experiences and feelings I portray on the EP and I also want them to just vibe to it and appreciate an artist in his element doing his thing.

‘Blue Detail’ is out Friday 11th March 2022.

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