Swangz Avenue singer Veronica Luggya alias Vinka has continued to distance herself from claims suggesting that she hid her pregnancy from the public.

Vinka gave birth to a healthy baby girl in January 2021. It came as a surprise for several people who only knew about her pregnancy after she gave birth.

Just like Juliana Kanyomozi’s pregnancy, Vinka had managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for a whole nine months.

Gossip columns ran stories about how she had avoided appearing in public and even stopped performing to the pregnancy.

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The Swangz Avenue singer, however, denies hiding the pregnancy.

The mother of one squashed the rumors as she maintained that she used to make public appearances even when she was about to give birth. She narrated that she always posted her photos online.

The Fimbo singer also revealed that she performed at the MTV MAMAs launch and Comedy Store while wearing long dresses.

When asked how long it took him to return to the stage

When asked how long it took him to return to the stage after giving birth, she said it took her a month because there was a couple that wanted her to perform at their marital function at whatever cost.

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