Nation media’s music critic Edward Ssendi has yet again set Ugandan entertainment and music lovers tongues wagging after he described local artists as ‘barking dogs’.

Edward Ssendi stung local artists as he gave his reasons as to why events organizers are consistently booking musicians from different destinations to have shows in Uganda.

He noted that local artists have failed to up their musical game to match that of the likes of Nigerians and other African countries in a bid to also get booked to perform in those other countries.

I am Ugandan and am for Uganda. Our Ugandan artists are like ‘barking dogs’, that’s why we invite musicians from other countries. Our musicians should upgrade their game–Eddie Ssendi

Eddie Sendi

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Talk and Talk Show Crew – Jenkins, Kasuku and Ssendi on Spark TV live

In that way, his comments ignited mixed reviews from many of his followers with some backing him up whereas others totally disagreed with him giving their different opinions.

He further stressed how he is fed up of the unprofessional conduct that is among many local artists stating that sometimes when different media personalities schedule music talks with them, they don’t show up and later on you find them beeping.

Artists here are so unprofessional, actually most of them. Some times you make programs with an artist to talk about music and they don’t show up, then after sometime he/she beeps you.


Not only did Eddie Ssendi stop at the above-stated reasons, he noted that Uganda’s music is still lacking a lot backing his statements with reasons that local songs only become hits after their release and after a year, no one can hear them play anywhere.

To be honest, Uganda’s music is lacking. You find that some songs become hits just after their release but after a year, you cant hear it anywhere. People forget the songs very fast–Eddie Sendi

Eddie Ssendi

Solomon Mwesigwa

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