UK-based Ugandan singer Ang3lina, real name Angela Nabuufu, does not understand where the rumors that she is pregnant are stemming from.

The gossip corridors in Uganda’s entertainment industry have had it for long about how Ang3lina is pregnant.

The rumors that first started spreading within the celebrity circles have now made their way in the media, arousing the interest of several bloggers.

Speaking to the Fantasize singer, she has no clue why people are saying that she is pregnant and she denies the allegations.

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“I’m not pregnant. People have been congratulating me since last year,” Ang3lina laughingly wondered while speaking to MBU.

The 27-year-old believes that the rumors have been fuelled by the fact that she is no longer a common figure in public.

She also believes that the changes in her body weight have also been considered by those spreading the rumors.

Even the angles which she picks in her photos shared on social media seem to hide her tummy, forcing the narrative that she might be preggers.

Ang3lina revealed to us how giving birth is not in her urgent plans and she is currently concentrated on music.

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