Controversial socialite Sipapa acknowledges scratching Ben Jastt’s car and driving off so as not to cause traffic jam on the road because people always converge when they see him.

Over the weekend, one Twitter user identified as Ben Jastt claimed that socialite Olim Charles a.k.a Sipapa while driving in the wrong line knocked his car, threatened him, and drove off.

“Hello, @AKasingye @PoliceUg kindly help. A one SIPAPA driving a numberless black land cruiser VX V8, driving in a wrong line!! Knocked me and because he was armed and also had armed UPDF soldiers in the car, threatened to shoot me because I am inferior and drove off,” Ben tweeted.

The tweet raised dust with a couple of media personalities and other social media users calling out Sipapa for continuously doing such acts.

NSB TV journalist Canary Mugume then claimed that Sipapa does so because he is “untouchable” and feared by top-ranking officials in the police.

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In a video shared on his Facebook page, Sipapa says he scratched the car while trying to rush and ran away from people who had started making crowds and causing traffic jam having seen him.

I was rushing away from people not to cause traffic jam on the road. Each time I am on the road, people converge and greet me. It’s understandable that there are celebrities in this country, I am not the only one. So as you rush to clear the road, there are some people that block the road intentionally asking “Who is this Sipapa? He is riding on the taxpayer’s money.” Those things will lead to your death.


Sipapa alleged that it was a lady driving the benz which was scratched and acknowledged knocking the car while trying to maneuver through with his car.

“I even stepped out of my car to see the damages I had caused. I told him to follow me so that I pay him because there was a crowd forming up. The light is worth about Shs300k and I had the money in my car,” Sipapa said.

The socialite mockingly said that Ben Jastt just made noise on Twitter in search of followers. Watch the video below:

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