The source of Charles Olim, popularly known as Sipapa’s wealth is in question as he leaves doubt of the possibility that he is related to the first family.

Sipapa, a music promoter and socialite, owns a fleet of cars and is often seen splashing money each time he is in public.

He has grown increasingly popular in the last few years and his closeness to president Museveni, especially during the recent presidential elections, has raised a few eyebrows.

Sipapa who claims has been rich for over thirteen years is not bothered by what is said that he is being funded by the NRM and the president.

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In a video he shared on his Facebook page, the socialite said there could be a possibility that he is the president’s son and that he is just enjoying the privileges that come with that.

There are several people working in the NRM, why is it only me being given money? And there is no problem even if I am funded.

My mother was a rich lady, Wherever she might have passed, you never know I might be the president’s son and you just don’t know. Why are people so concerned to know our private matters?


Sipapa was speaking in a long video while responding to Canary Mugume’s claims that he is untouchable and feared by top police officers.

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