Singer Geosteady’s ex baby mama Prima Kadarshi has opened up on how her life completely changed since she started doing the Lusaniya service business.

While sharing some motivation tips and insights with the current love of her life, Mr. Henrie, Prima Kadarshi explained that while growing up, she tried out several business ventures to make sure that ends meet.

Among the jobs that she hustled through included the clothing line business that always needed her to wake up very early in the morning to head to Owino market to get out the nice pieces.

Prima noted that she found it very challenging as she couldn’t fight with other competitors while selecting good pieces that sometimes would stay in her shop without finding a buyer.

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She eventually ditched the clothing line venture and resorted to a cosmetics business and supplying bleaching creams. There, she made some little profits but still remained hustling like any other person.

Borrowing some leap of faith from her mother who used to be a juice vendor at Energy Center building, Prima decided to invest some of her little profits into the Lusaniya food business.

Fortunately, the venture brought her quick profits since clients loved the service she was offering. It also made a huge impact on her life.

In the video clip she shared online, she confirmed that doing the Lusaniya food venture is the best thing that has ever happened in her life businesswise.

Apparently, she has also jumped into the tourism industry with Mr. Henrie where they seem to be making lots of money.

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