There is a trending video online of an unidentified man kissing a woman believed to be Emanuel Lwasa Kaweesi’s wife Angel Kwakunda at a bar.

The video has since ignited cheating allegations, with netizens accusing Angel Kwakunda of not being a faithful wife to the Maska city businessman.

The video that is making rounds online surfaced at a time when Emanuel Lwasa is said to have left the country for duties overseas.

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The two are yet to come out and address the allegations but going by an Instagram post Angel Kwakunda shared about two days ago, she stresses how she has learned how to break people’s hearts.

If we are to go by the trending clip, Angel Kwakunda must have crushed Lwasa’s heart in a terrible way that he may not recover from.

The couple just celebrated their first marriage anniversary and Lwasa bragged about of being loved by one of the most beautiful ladies in Uganda.

Watch the video below:

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