Celebrated Ugandan Videographer and Movie director Loukman Ali wants American actor Will Smith arrested and charged for slapping comedian Chris Rock live on stage during the 94th Oscars awarding ceremony.

Loukman says that comedians always crack controversial jokes and that it is part of their job description.

Loukman Ali adds that for the fact that Will Smith has been active in the industry for close to 20 years, he shouldn’t have found Chris Rock’s joke offensive.

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Loukman Ali further likens Smith’s act to former American president Donald Trump who he says would have left several individuals dead because of the numerous mocks and disses that were always directly sent to him and his family.

The renowned local movie director also stresses that Smith should have followed laws that are against bad speech.

Below is Loukman Ali’s statement in full:

I know I’m in the minority, but I believe Will Smith should be charged for acting like a hooligan; comedians do controversial jokes all the time, it’s part of their job description.

If what smith did was acceptable behavior then Donald Trump would have killed a lot of comedians who mocked him and his family, but he didn’t because there are laws against it, and also that’s what freedom of speech is for, “bad speech” it wasn’t invented for “holy make everybody happy jokes”, he laughed at other jokes until it was about him.

I understand it was about a condition his wife can’t change but still not an excuse to beat up someone, I think he just wanted to show people that he’s finally “a man” and will fight for his woman, which is a little toxic and exactly what we’re asked not to do.

He’s basically being a bigger bully, he probably wouldn’t have done the same if the joke came from the rock instead of Chris rock Smith should apologize.

Loukman Ali

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