NBS TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba has no kind words for Dre Cali and she wants him sued for “wasting” his boss Ykee Benda’s time and money.

It is not clear whether Dre Cali will return to Uganda having reportedly fled to Canada amid lawsuits from his former management, Wyse Technologies Limited.

It is also becoming harder for his fans to make up their minds on whether to stay and wait for his new music or to just move on amid the new developments regarding his relationship with his mentor Ykee Benda.

While appearing on NBS TV’s After 5 show on Tuesday, Ykee Benda let the cat out of the bag as he revealed that his working relationship with Dre is not as smooth as it used to be.

It is reported that the two are no longer in good terms and that Dre Cali seems to have decided to just ditch his career with Mpaka Records.

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Upon learning of the development, Sheilah Gashumba ran to her Twitter account where she expressed her disappointment in Dre Cali.

She cancelled him and urged Ykee Benda to go ahead and sue him for wasting his time.

Ykee Benda needs to sue Dre Cali! How do you waste someone’s time and money like that. Matter of fact Dre Cali is CANCELLED!

Sheilah Gashumba

The tweet attracted reaction from different members of the public with some questioning Sheilah’s position in the matter.

Others urged her not to take an emotional stand as the matter is still being handled maturely by Ykee.

Dre Cali is still officially signed to Mpaka Records. Ykee reveals that his stage name and music are also properties of the record label.

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