A video of Next Radio presenters Zahara Totto and Posha Aloyo having a verbal war in studio has gone viral online. Most Ugandans think it’s a Fool’s Day stunt!

April 1st always comes with its own share of madness and drama. Not many people will take you serious as it is “the day for the fools.”

Fool’s Day, so to say, is what it’s called. Globally, it is an annual custom on 1st April consisting of practical jokes and hoaxes.

Today, a video has been circulating showing Zahara Totto and Posha Aloyo in a heated argument inside the studios during their “Chill Out” show.

Posha Aloyo

The argument seems to have arisen over content distribution with Zahara Totto arguing that her big following on Facebook and Instagram is enough to promote the radio’s content and hence she does not need Twitter.

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On the other hand, Posha is heard loudly noting how Twitter is used by many people and hence should also be taken seriously.

During their heated argument which was “secretly” recorded by another person in the studio, Zahara is seen standing up and throwing her chair to the ground.

It takes the intervention of Keith Kateramu a.k.a KK to calm the two presenters who seem ready to start pulling each other’s wigs at some point.

Upon landing on the video, most netizens have termed it as a half-baked stunt that was intended for April Fool’s Day.

Others, however, seem to have bought the narrative that the two have for long had their small fights and this was a climax.

Take a gaze at the video below and judge for yourself:

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