A section of artists have come out and denied ever receiving caller ring-back tune money from telecommunications companies.

The artists distanced themselves from pocketing the said money after Mr. Charles Batambuze appeared on NTV claiming how artists have over the years been rewarded with a token of financial support from caller ring-back tunes.

Mr. Batambuze explained that there is a year when they collected about Shs 78 billion from caller ring-back tunes.

He explained that the government took 50% on the Ugx78b, telecoms took 70%, of the remaining money and 30% went to musicians.

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When the B2C trio (Kampala Boys) crossed paths with the information, they were left in shock.

They took to their socials to explain how they have never received such money in the whole of their music career.

They took trouble to consult some of their fellow artists such as Ykee Benda whether he has ever received caller ring-back money from telecoms companies to which he replied negatively.

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