In his new song titled ‘Nkuliko’, Danz Eko sings about sticking to one partner and making the relationship last eternity.

I got my question answered when a couple of weeks ago, I was involved in an industry grapevine chat, where I asked the question: who is handling the Danz Eko lad?

The answer was: Sukuma Entertainment manages him– that certainly explains a lot. It explains why Danz Eko is set to feature more frequently on the charts.

He is really promising and features a wonderful diverse array of musical abilities.

Personally, I have no one to compare Danz Eko to in terms of singing ability, but he is a solid talent in his own right.

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His songs Gimme Love, No Waste Time, Balibayo, Vibe, Mukidongo among others are receiving relatively good airplay.

Nkuliko is his  latest single. It is a lovely song that brings out a message about love only in people.

In the song, the boy perfectly brings out the idea that one doesn’t have to see here and there. No. You can surely stick to one person, love the person until eternity.

He also preaches total confession in love and you find yourself listening to every detail in the song to the vrry end of it once it plays.

Listen to it here:

YouTube video

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