Since Tuesday, Maulana Kasozi of the comedy outfit Maulana and Reign has been making news headlines following allegations of domestic violence as accused by his first wife Shubira Betty Nalujja.

Mrs. Nalujja alleges that ever since Maulana gained fame and his income increased, he became incontrollable.

She says that his behaviors as well totally changed from the humble man he was when she had just met him in 2018.

Nalujja claims that she has been facing physical torture, abuse, and beatings on a daily basis for the past couple of years.

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She adds that for long, since she raised the matter to their elders, Maulana has been acting smart and accusing her of always being on the wrong side.

She says that he has pretended by acting innocent since forcing her to drag the matters to police to get a fair ruling.

Shubira says that Maulana’s acting skills don’t only stop on stage but he is also good at appearing as a saint in front of elders and authorities like police which has made several of her calls for help fall on deaf ears.

Nalujja Shubira Betty says that after the recent spell of being battered by Maulana, she is leaving the four year old relationship, with her children.

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