Cindy Sanyu fronts “responsibility, leadership, and reconciliation” in her quest for another term as Uganda Musicians Association president.

The UMA elections are looming following a successful nomination process which happened at the national theatre on Monday.

Cindy Sanyu, who took over the presidential role following Ykee Benda’s resignation in 2021, is one of the candidates that was successfully nominated for the top position.

She will be tussling it out with King Saha and others who are vying for a similar position.

It’s official I am in the race for president of UMA. I am still concerned about the arts sector and I want to get a chance to finish what I started.

Cindy Sanyu

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The biggest criticism against the King Herself‘s reign as president is her failure to unite artistes and always ignoring her personal foes.

While speaking to media upon her nomination, she revealed that she is ready to unite artistes together so as to achieve a lot collectively.

Cindy also noted that she is ready to reconcile with her enemies so that she can bring all artistes together and work for a common goal.

Some of the other unfinished business she wants to accomplish includes putting the copyright law into action.

She begs for a chance for another reign so she can finish what she started.

We still have a lot to do. There are many projects that we have been working on, like copyright law and more. I need some more time to finish.

Last year, there were many fights in the industry so I decided to take a step back. That’s why some people said they could not approach me.

This year is for reconciliation. I am going to reach out to different people to mend fences.

Cindy Sanyu

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