There is a lot that still needs improvement within the Uganda Musicians Association but their social media channels are bleeding.

The association’s official Twitter handle last tweeted on 17th November, 2021. Yes, it’s been that long!

On Facebook, the last post went up on 27th November 2021, one that was wishing Juliana Kanyomozi a happy birthday. The same goes for Instagram.

Did someone run away with the passwords? Did he/she forget the logins? Or is it just a case of laziness?

In all this, UMA is running elections to vote for the next leaders in which several top stars including Cindy Sanyu, King Saha, Geosteady, Daddy Andre, Irene Namatovu, Kalifah Aganaga, among others are participating.

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No information whatsoever has been shared on the association’s socials. Nothing at all! When I inquired if there is something on the association’s website, I was tipped that it doesn’t exist.

The only channel known for communication is the association’s WhatsApp group in which several artists have membership. The rest, bloggers get scrappy information off these artist’s pages.

What even makes the situation worse is the content they share when they decide to. It’s typical disorganisation for such an association to tweet about Manchester United. Really uncoordinated information. No?

For an official association that is in charge of running one of the most active industries in the nation, that is total incompetence.

Communication should be a big part of such an association to provide information to several stakeholders and the public.

Social media helps solve this because the world as we know it now is one global village. Not everyone can join the WhatsApp group to access this information and not everyone watches gossip TV shows.

Some of this information must be provided on social media and on the association’s website. A lot needs to be done.

They need to wake up!

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