The Radio and Weasel management is not interested in suing Ronald Alimpa for allegedly plagiarising their song “African Time” to create his own hit single “African Weather”.

If you are an ardent social media user, you must have already come across a song with the line, “Nze gyenzalwa olusuku lwa seminti...” especially on TikTok.

The title of the song is ‘African Weather’ sang by rising star Ronald Alimpa and it has been doing well on the airwaves lately.

Originally, however, the song was sang by Radio and Weasel, titled “African Time”, before the late Mowzey Radio’s death.

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The controversy surrounding the song has caused a rift between the lovers of Alimpa’s song as they claim that he made the song popular.

The dynamic duo’s fans, however, claim that he did not seek permission to redo the song and hence deserves to be sued by the Goodlyfe management.

Mordecai Muriisa, a poet and former NBS TV journalist, also wants the Goodlyfe to sue Ronald Alimpa for copyright infringement.

“That guy who redid Radio and Weasel’s African time song adding lines like “ewaffe olusuku lwa seminti” deserves to be sued for copyright infringement. I don’t care what you think about the song, I agree he popularized it but he can use his unique voice to create his own content,” Muriisa’s tweet read on Saturday.

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Upon landing on the tweet, Radio and Weasel acknowledged Muriisa’s concern over the issue that has been developing fast on social media.

While replying to the tweet, however, Radio and Weasel management revealed that they are not interested in suing Alimpa because it is his time to shine.

Let the young boy kweyiya it’s his time. However, thank you for your concern Broda.

Radio and Weasel

What do you make of the whole issue?

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