Talent manager and famed libido expert Kojja Kitonsa is probably having one of his worst days of his life following the news of being dumped by his first wife, Senga Namatovu Meran.

Senga Namatovu Meran is said to have introduced Kojja Kitonsa into the business of libido enhancer drugs supply during the period when the two were inseparable.

Their break up is said to have happened when Kojja Kitonsa was introduced by another woman during the Ramadhan period last year.

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It is further stated that Senga Namatovu Meran ditched Kitonsa on allegations of infidelity among other issues that remained between the two of them and close friends.

Senga Namatovu introduced her new lover Mr. Ronnie to her parents in a colorful Kukyala ceremony that took place over the weekend.

While speaking to Bukedde TV, the jolly Senga Namatovu disclosed that she will be revealing more details to the public about her next marital steps and plans.

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