Talent manager and events emcee Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats has no kind words for United Kingdom-based events promoters who selfishly block opportunities meant for Ugandan artists.

The bitter MC Kats went bare knuckles against one events promoter publicly known as Job-Links who usually books artists to perform in London.

He blasted him for always blocking other promoters from booking artists for different gigs in the name of having paid them upfront fares of as little as Shs1M and he bars them from getting booked by others.

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MC Kats openly told promoter Job-Links about how his efforts are not aimed at uplifting the industry but rather for selfish gains in the name of dominating and ruling fellow promoters overseas.

Kats said that he has spoken to him about that case face-to-face in the last and that several individuals were present including the B2C Entertainment trio.

He concluded his statements with striking remarks towards the promoter telling him how he cannot own London and that when he dies, his remains will be returned and buried in Uganda.

If you’re going to sit back and think that you’re going to come and manipulate Ugandan artistes by paying them cash for upfront bookings as little as Shs1m, and you stop them from being booked by other promoters, that won’t work.

Promoter Job-links I sat down with you one time and I openly told you about that thing with the B2C Entertainment trio present. Your ideology is not about our music. Your ideology is about dominance and trying to run the entire London.

So, Please you’re not the first and you weren’t born in London plus it doesn’t belong to your dad nor your grandfather.

MC Kats

Solomon Mwesigwa

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