A gentleman known as Simple K, born Fred Kiggundu, now Kiggundu Hassim after converting to the Islamic religion has resurfaced claiming he is responsible for Jennifer ‘Full Figure’ Nakangubi’s new born baby.

It is should recalled that in the evening of 2020, Full Figure gave birth to a bouncing a baby boy who she named Museveni Kairos Pearl after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

When she gave birth, speculations about who would be responsible for her new bundle of joy started.

Some rumors went viral stressing that the baby boy (Museveni Kairos Pearl) belonged to her driver but she trashed the allegations.

Somehow just like that, the debate lost momentum as no one would come up with clear information about who was responsible for her baby.

Out of the blue, a one Fred Kiggundu a.k.a Simple K came into the picture claiming that he is responsible for the baby.

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Full Figure responded to Simple K with a furry of insults and threatened to imprison him for “coiling himself” on children who don’t belong to him.

Just in that manner, the story also vanished through the thin air.

Gladly, one of the Bizonto Comedy Group member landed on Simple K and asked him about his relationship with Full Figure and the child custody saga that they were involved in.

Simple K maintained that he is the righteous dad to Full Figure’s baby and that he wants to meet his son so that he can give him names from his true clan.

During his interview, Simple K praised Full Figure’s sweetness and prowess under the sheets saying that even though she may not be beautiful on the face, she is good between the sheets.

When asked if they can get married, he declined pointing out Full Figure’s busy schedule.

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