In Mbarara, there is a music fued that has been ongoing for a while now between Omega 256 and Posha UG and fans now want them to battle it out on stage.

For a few days, the internet has been buzzing like wildfire with news coming from Mbarara city revealing how two divas; Posha Ug and Omega 256, almost plucked out each other’s hair over supremacy.

According to Posha UG’s fans on social media, the battle should not go physical at any level because that is not the ideal way to claim supremacy.

They hence have dared Omega 256 to let the music speak through a music battle from which Mbarara will judge who is who.

Omega 256

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Girl fights in the industry are not an alien concept but they have not been out in the public in recent years. This could change, however.

The Omega 256 camp is just as ready for the showdown if it ever happens. The fans believe their artist is ever ready for a challenge.

Reports have been circulating revealing how Posha UG dared Omega 256 to return to Mbarara following rumors that the latter had decided to leave her home town for Kampala.

A few critics also note that Omega 256’s departure was due to that too much pressure that had been brought by other artistes including Posha UG.

Posha UG

Will the battle eventually happen? That is a question time will answer. Fingers crossed!

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