Many Ugandan children run away from their parents’ homes at a very tender age for different reasons, sometimes against their wish.

Singer Stabua Natooro is not any different. She also found herself leaving her parents home at an early age.

Speaking in an interview on Spark TV, Natooro explained that she left because she refused being married off at an early age by her dad.

When she turned successful through her music career, Natooro managed to improve her dad’s lifestyle and he dad apologized for wanting her married off at a younger age.

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I ran away from home when I was young because I did not want to be married off early. My people believed in the stereotype roles of women.

My father would later apologize for this. He did not know the importance of my development.

Stabua Natooro

While sharing about her music journey, the “Tujanjawaze” singer revealed that when she was growing up, she did not know that she had the talent in singing.

She explained that she used to sing at school events but never knew that she was good at it and only realized later when she had already given birth to children.

Growing up, I did not know I had the talent of singing. I participated in school events and sang at home but I did not know I was good. I realized my talent later on in life, after I had already given birth to children.

Stabua Natooro

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