Winnie Nwagi’s new Eid al-Fitr head shots will give you tonnes of her beautiful side often hidden behind the tough girl attitude.

A “tough, arrogant, and no nonsense woman” are the comments often attached to a photo or video of Winnie Nwagi on social media.

Self-styled as the “Firebaby”, the Swangz Avenue singer doesn’t give herself a chance at portraying herself differently, often clashing with fans on social media and sometimes physically.

Beyond that, however, Nwagi is a loving mother of one, and her close friends will tell you that the world hasn’t gotten a chance to witness her tender side.

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In her new photoshoot, however, there is a feel of her tender self that is usually hidden beneath her tough face.

Apart from the brush touches done by Shillat Makeup, Nwagi’s look wrapped up in the veil creates the impression of a calm and collected woman.

She uses the photos to wish Muslims a happy Eid al-Fitr, a day which marks the end the fast of Ramadan.

If you didn’t know her name as “Winnie”, she would easily become a “Jamila”. Take a gaze at the photos taken by Giulio Molfese:

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