Musician Moses Ssali, commonly known as Bebe Cool, has called out events organizers and promoters for always paying foreign artistes better than local artists.

Bebe Cool who clearly seemed unhappy about how promoters pamper foreign artists explained that such gestures leave him puzzled and questioning why local artists are not offered the same favors.

He scoffed at promoters who always want to book him for little payment and asked them why they don’t do the same for foreigners.

He stated that, if offered the same payment, local artistes can outshine foreigners.

Bebe shaded light on how he started music long ago in the era when musicians were regarded failures but he persisted until he made it.

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Bebe Cool also revealed that the reason as to why he no longer performs at some events is because of the little payment that promoters offer him.

On the matter, he called upon the promoters to increase their payments to local artistes.

We started building this industry when the speakers couldn’t even produce proper sound and you couldn’t afford a concert but now that we have built it you are skipping us and bringing in foreigners and paying them a lot of money.

Bebe Cool

Solomon Mwesigwa

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