Dance being a global and influential language, we take you on the journey of street dance art in Uganda. Meet Unclesnap and the DNL Umericans, the future of street dance in Uganda.

Logimoi Victor popularly known as Unclesnap is a young Ugandan dance creative Artist, Choreographer, Creator, and Professional Stage Performer making waves off the streets of Kampala and Entebbe.

Unclesnap was born on 11th November 2001 in Kansanga, Kampala, Uganda, and raised in the mid streets of Entebbe, Katabi, Kitende, and Kajjansi.

Originally from the streets, he is one of the pillars that have highly influenced the youth positively through dance. Unclesnap defines dance as “the poetry of the soul”.

Armed with this definition, he has been dancing his whole life – but professionally for 2 years on the streets of Kampala and Entebbe to make a living.

Unclesnap gained recognition through his Instagram dance videos (@unclesnap). He has made waves off the streets with his team DNL Umericans.

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Unclesnap and the DNL Umericans have featured in music videos such as Eddy Kenzo’s Mugoole and Weekend, Ykee Benda’s Obangayina, Ziza Bafana’s Mbuzi, Tip Swizzy’s Idege, Fik Fameica’s Lock, Crysto Panda’s Bino, among many others.

They have also commercially partnered with Eddy Wizzy and Dance Factory on different projects including Dance Noise, Ombadala, among others on top of working with international creatives from UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, etc.

“Creatives believe in your craft and don’t sell for free”


Unclesnap had the dance world on lock with Boys From Entebbe in the Kyolina Omanya “towel video” that went viral, in 2020. He has danced his way into greatness with the help of his brothers and has been privileged to have had the opportunity of teaching the world to impact his relentless passion for dance through dance workshops. Unclesnap has achieved quite a lot in his career as a dancer thus far.

As DNL Umericans, they dream of introducing the African street dance into the mainstream. They also want to own dance studios all around Africa to help give hope to the younger generation dancing on the streets just to make a living.

“Our plan is to educate the young lads and set them out on a path to be able to make a career out of their talents,” Unclesnap told MBU.

He added, “Dance saved our lives after God did. We are truly on a mission to re-define dance positively and help create ventures for the upcoming youth in the industry, to earn and make a good living out of dance in Uganda.”

Unclesnap believes that this will help them stay motivated and inspired not to give up on their great talent and dreams.

He acknowledges that it is a heavy challenge but believes with the help and support of everyone, his mission will be accomplished. He quotes, “The moment you stop inspiring, you start expiring.”

About the DNL Umericans

DML Umericans is a street dance movement that represents dance creatives in Uganda. “We know it’s not easy out on the streets especially living a life of dance in a society where it is not widely supported, but worry no more, the DNL Umericans movement got us covered,” Unclesnap noted.

The movement has been underground encapsulating the Afro-Urban dance culture and exposing it to the mainstream through street freestyle dances, dance videos, and music videos.

“This movement was founded by me and my brothers Dero Styles, Champion Fix, and Umaru Dante in 2021 after a big feature in one of Eddy Kenzo’s music videos,” Unclesnap revealed.

He said that as one of the CEOs, it was such an amazing moment to see street art and dance being appreciated and taken to the mainstream because it is the main aim, to see creatives earn from their art.

Unclesnap says that dance is yet to be greatly valued in Uganda and it is one of the major challenges they have faced as an industry. He, however, believes that through unity, they can change that.

Yes, dance is our source of income, we earn a living through dance. Just like any other job, we face challenges and one of them is not valuing dance as a craft (low payment). But I believe with this unity, we are to change this narrative. Support street dance build Ugandan creatives.


With the look of things, Unclesnap and the DNL Umericans are poised for better days. Keep a keen eye on them as they embark on a journey with the sole purpose of reaching the heights of greatness.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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