Five days after Sheebah alleged that she was sexually assaulted, popular Ugandan journalist Andrew Mwenda has launched an inquest into the claims.

Sheebah Karungi publicly revealed how a VIP sexually assaulted her before performing at an event over the weekend.

The singer, however, did not reveal who the molester is, where it happened, at what time, date, and other details regarding the moment.

When netizens landed on the video, they quickly started pointing fingers at Andrew Mwenda as the supposed offender.

Andrew Mwenda, the owner of The Independent newsmagazine, says that he is fed up of being roasted on social media for something he didn’t do.

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Through Twitter, Mwenda said that he has talked to the Director of Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) to find out the person who allegedly molested the singer.

Mwenda noted that “Sheebah is being disingenuous in hiding the true rapist as social media lynch me.”

I have talked to the director of CID who has agreed to open a case to find out the person who allegedly raped singer Sheeba Kalungi.

Police are going to call her and ask her to reveal the offender. Sheeba is being disingenuous in hiding the true rapist as social media lynch me.

Andrew Mwenda

Andrew Mwenda further suggests that if Sheebah was indeed sexually molested, the culprit should be apprehended by police but Sheebah needs to reveal who it is first.

“If Sheeba was either raped or sexually molested or violated in any way, the offender should be apprehended by police, taken to courts of law to face justice. She, therefore, has a duty to reveal this offender to the authorities so that justice can be served,” Mwenda noted.

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