Uganda Police confirms that singer Sheebah Karungi made a formal complaint regarding the alleged sexual assault case on Tuesday.

For over a week, Sheebah has dominated news headlines after publicly alleging that she was sexually assaulted by a VIP.

The former TNS singer through a video shared on social media did not mention the name of the man that indecently assaulted her while in her car before a performance.

Sheebah’s allegations were faced with divergent reactions as people questioned who the man in question could’ve been.

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Five days later, renown journalist Andrew Mwenda called out Sheebah to state clearly what occurred to her and who assualted her because a few people online had started pointing fingers in his direction.

A statement released by Uganda Police on Tuesday evening confirms that Sheebah indeed heeded to Mwenda’s advice and lodged a formal complaint.

The Police Spokesman CP Fred Enanga revealed that Sheebah gave all the details required concerning the forgettable incident and the CID has instituted inquiries into the case.

Sheebah also revealed the man she alleges to have assaulted her, refuting the claims that have been spreading pinning Andrew Mwenda.

Below is the statement from Uganda Police:

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