Overview: The last thing UMA needs is a leader who will spiral it into divisions

Attacks on Bebe Cool could reveal that King Saha will make a terrible Uganda Musicians Association president for the musicians. Here is why:

In life, especially the life of leadership, the way you carry yourself will often determine how you handle issues. In the long run, appearing vulgar or a warmonger (to the extent of personally attacking people against you) will make people disrespect you, and most importantly, people will not trust your sense of direction as a leader.

A leader has to always respect himself and always inspire the same sentiment in others even if he disagrees with such people. This is the kind of leader that UMA needs. Every musician needs to know that.

The Uganda Musicians Association is absolutely a good initiative. But the future of this initiative will be greatly determined by the quality of leadership the association has. Leadership is not like entertainment where entertainment is partly about entertaining revelers with battles and attacks.

In fact, even if such attacks happen, the revelers prefer them musically and not physically. However, when it comes to the leadership of a musicians’ association, this is no longer about entertainment, but about shaping the future of a country’s economic industry. This is about wisdom, integrity, and most importantly unity.

King Saha hands in his nomination forms to UMA EC Chairman Jeff Ekongot at the Uganda National Theatre

The leader UMA needs

UMA has come a long way and has a long way to go. The last thing that UMA needs is a leader who will spiral it into divisions and eventually a downfall even before the association arrives at its desired destination. From the look of things, King Saha seems to have all the qualities of a leader that will spiral this association into a downfall.

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I have been following his responses when it comes to Bebe Cool’s endorsing of a different party for the presidency other than him. I was quite disappointed in the way Saha handled these matters. Bebe Cool presented his own logical reasons as to why one candidate is better than the other.

Among several reasons, the notable ones to me were that; for starters, the person needs to know English, be able to interpret policy and communication, and at least have a certain level of education. These were and are still valid reasons. By any means, that is what UMA needs and more.

Now, for me to add to that, UMA needs a tolerant and respectful leader. A leader that will find it easier to unite musicians and encourage more to join, and respect others even when they have divergent views and focus on creating a common ground for these divergent views.

A case for ‘Zakayo’

UMA does not, and will not, need a leader that uses personal attacks as his defense tool or a leader whose first thought is to humiliate those who show divergent views. In this case, as an aspiring leader, if Bebe cool was able to call for a press conference and highlight his views (which views were quite valid) of what a true leader in UMA should be, what was so difficult about Saha responding in the same way by calling for a press conference and responding to Bebe Cool’s divergent views and actually show that he meets those basic minimum requirements? That is what any leader does.

However, on the contrary, Saha rushed to the studio and released ‘Zakayo’ a song believed to attack Bebe Cool and as if that was not enough, he went ahead to think that he would win souls over by ‘revealing’ how Bebe Cool was paid for dowry.

Intolerance and disunity

In my opinion, with all due respect to Saha, his level of countering arguments is cowardly and incompetent, and does not show any leadership skills in him. It rather shows that if Saha becomes UMA president, he will respond to divergent views with personal attacks rather than logical responses.

It also shows that Saha will not be a tolerant leader. He will sow disunity and push aside people that do not support his leadership. This makes him a weak leader and his attacks on Bebe cool instead show how bad a leader he is for the institution. If he is able to do that to Bebe Cool, musicians should be sure that Saha will do it to anyone else when he has the power.

If he really hates Bebe Cool that much, at least for the sake of leadership, he should have pretended to welcome divergent views and for once shocked the music industry and actually show that even with the feud between him and Bebe Cool, he will respect his divergent views and further prove that he meets all standards and beyond what the Gagamel boss set. But he responded in a rather cowardly and incompetent way.

The way other aspirants for the same position are responding to their critics has made Saha look misplaced. The way Cindy is handling interviews about her critics makes Saha look like he is too early for leadership. For now, he makes a better music composer than a leader.

The Bobi Wine endorsement

Saha also needs to know that being endorsed by Bobi Wine does not make him a better leader. Youths are now woken to the realities of what they want. Being endorsed by Bobi Wine is not enough to make Saha a better leader. It is his manners (especially when handling critics) that actually show the leadership in him (this is a reality).

If he cannot preach unity even before he takes power, will he when he gets it? If he cannot respond to critics more logically than by using personal attacks on people’s wives and families, will he respond logically when he takes power? If he cannot respectfully handle people with divergent views, will he when he takes power?

If Bebe Cool’s press conference was intended to expose how Saha will react to the bad leader that he is, indeed Saha has shown his incompetence as a leader and, musicians need to vote wisely. They do not need to vote for the person that Bebe Cool has endorsed, but they need to vote the right person into that seat, but certainly not a person with Saha’s leadership skills.

What Saha needs to do

Saha needs to revise his strategy and market himself better for that position. He needs to learn to say less than necessary and realize that when he is trying to impress people with words, the more he says, the more common he appears, the less in control he seems, and the more he puts to shame the people that endorsed him.

Good leaders impress by saying less and doing more. The more he says, the more likely he is to keep saying something foolish, and UMA does not need that kind of leader. At least not in its early stages.

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