Singer Gloria Ingabire alias Pretty Glo has resurfaced revealing how she is battling drug addiction yet again.

She narrates she reached this worrying situation following the depression brought about by her close friends who misguided her and later dumped her.

When she felt dejected and unworthy among her close pals, Pretty Glo resorted to doing all the silly things she has ever heard of, including using cocaine and sniffing other toxic substances.

About a year ago, she was checked into a rehabilitation facility with the help of city socialite Bad Black but she escaped and hid away from those that checked her into rehab.

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At the moment, Pretty Glo regrets her decisions. She revealed that feels absurd that she spent most of the time she had to take care of her baby in rehab.

She denied being introduced to toxic substances by Qute Kaye and even thanked him for rendering her a helping hand during the tough times.

What is so disturbing is that I spent most of the time I should have used to raise my child in Rehab. I appreciate Qute Kaye and Bad Black for supporting me through Rehab.

Pretty Glo

During the interview, Glo requested a second chance in the music industry saying she wants to bounce back strong with new musical projects.

She begged fans to support her to recover from the dip where she is at the moment and stressed that she is willing to change if given the chance and opportunity by well-wishers.

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