Zari Hassan is not happy with her in-laws in Tanzania who always demand that she must take photos with her ex-lover Diamond Platnumz’s mother when she visits the country.

For many years, even when she was still in a relationship with Diamond Platnumz, Zari was reportedly not on good terms with her mother-in-law, Sanura Kasimu a.k.a Mama Dangote.

Over the weekend, the mother of five visited Tanzania on a business trip and left without visiting her children’s grandmother Mama Dangote.

This seems to have surprised many Tanzanians who, through social media, criticized the self-styled Bosslady, questioning if she is still holding grudges with Mama Dangote.

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Through Snapchat, Zari Hassan responded to the criticism revealing how she has no problem with Ms. Sanura and that they don’t have any bad blood between them.

She revealed that her trip to Tanzania was a short one and that she informed Diamond Platnumz and Mama Dangote about it as soon as she landed in the +255.

Zari mocked the Tanzanians that demand that she should always physically take photos with her mother-in-law on each visit to Tanzania, asking them to cut her some slack.

I usually go there when I have kids because I’m taking the kids to see their family. I was in Tanzania on duty. The minute I landed in Tanzania, I told Mama Dangote, “Listen, I’m here, I’m gonna do some work but I don’t think I’ll see you.” And we greeted each other, it was all good over the phone.

The father of my kids knew I was in Tanzania because I alerted him to say, “Look, I’m here in Mwanza, I’m gonna do ABCD. Why now do I have to carry myusmelf and go to see Mama Dangote physically just to take pictures to impress you Tanzanians?

Why do I physically need to be there to take pictures to prove a point to you that I’m okay with Mama Dangote? Akili zenu ndogo!

Zari Hassan

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