Veteran singer and presidential hopeful, Lord Bitem, has sent a stern warning to the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) Electoral Commission stating that he will not tolerate any malpractice that he will cite in the voting process.

Lord Bitem, born  Mutebi Ramathan, is one of the three artists contesting for the UMA presidential seat alongside Cndy Sanyu and King Saha.

While holding a press conference about the looming UMA polls, he stated that he will be tough on any vote rigging and bribery.

He maintained that he will cause raucous if things do not move on smoothly as the Electoral Commission promised to do reasoning that he is not in the race for jokes.

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During his presser, he poked holes in the reigning UMA committee accusing them of failing to cater for artists the last time they got money from the government.

He added that whoever got money on the committee used it for personal gains and not for the association’s commitments.

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