King Saha hands in his nomination forms to UMA EC Chairman Jeff Ekongot at the Uganda National Theatre

The Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) maintains that voting for the different positions in the forthcoming elections will be done via SMS.

The UMA campaigns are heating up ahead of the most anticipated elections slated for Monday 23rd May 2022.

Different UMA members are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the elections that shall see the vote for their favorite leaders into different offices.

The most contested spot is the Presidential position which King Saha and Cindy Sanyu are closely eyeing with the latter looking for an extended reign after replacing Ykee Benda who resigned from the position in 2021.

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After several artists expressed their discontent and mistrust of voting via virtual means, the UMA Electoral Commission reveals that the elections will be held via SMS.

Through different communication channels, UMA revealed that only one number is allowed to vote per member.

It emphasized that every voter must be a registered member of UMA to be able to cast a vote via the different mobile networks.

We shall use SMS to vote. We want every UMA member to participate as some of the members don’t have smartphones.

UMA Representative

How Voting Will Be Done

DIAL *260#


  1. Make sure you’re in the register first.
  2. Only one of your numbers is allowed to vote.
  3. If you are rejected, please try your other number, it may be the one that was uploaded to the voting register.
  4. All positions that are unopposed were not included.
  5. If your registration is not associated with Western, Eastern, or Northern, those options will not be visible to you. Basically, the regional positions are only visible to those who are registered under the regions. Anyone registered under central can’t see the other regions.
  6. During this test voting stage, the votes you cast won’t count because the system shall be wiped clean before the election date.

Good luck to all the nominated candidates!

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