Musician Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has come out to claim that he does not hold ill motives against fellow artists Bobi Wine and King Saha.

The “Wire Wire” stated that his only difference with Bobi Wine is based on their different political ideologies.

He disclosed that he has been supporting the government in power, the NRM, for over twenty years now.

He went on to reason that besides their political differences, there is no hatred at all as most critics paint the picture in the public.

Bobi and Bebe

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He also maintained that what he wants to hear from Bobi Wine is an apology for attacking his father in one of his songs released during their early musical beefs.

Bebe Cool further advised that based on the status they hold in the country, all they need to do is reconciling with one another.

I don’t have any problem with Kyagulanyi, the only thing that we differ at is our political ideologies. I support the NRM party.

Musically, we are always competing with each other. Allow competition to stay. It’s healthy because people can compete financially, economically, and to become better.

The hatred you always paint is not there. But you always go on to draw the picture. Of course, I told him he will have to apologize for attacking my dad. But it is not on a personal ground at the moment.

We are totally opposite when it comes to politics ideologically. I got first in politics before him, I was also born in a political family and have been supporting the president for over 20 years now. And my ideology has been the same vision.

I last met him at Kenzo’s concert which was very good and the atmosphere was calm. Otherwise, when I look at our positions today, I would advise for reconciliation.

Bebe Cool

Solomon Mwesigwa

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