Over a year ago, singer Carol Nantongo took a decision to ditch the Golden Band music group to concentrate on her solo career to which she is doing well.

The reasons as to why she ditched band music at that moment were not properly disclosed. She retained events promoter KT promotions as her management.

Recently, while speaking an interview on Galaxy FM, Nantongo disclosed that she decided to ditch band music because the group was marred with political differences.

First of all, I quit Golden Band because the group was marred with politics.

There was a time that reached when politics had dominated the band and things where not going on pretty well.

Carol Nantongo
Carol Nantongo

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She further explained that time came when people were seeing the group as a political band and whenever one would take to stage, the public would always conclude that they belonged to at least one politic side which wasn’t good on her side.

From that point, she decided to quit so that she would elevate her music career to a level that she desires, something that she is proudly doing well.

When one would step on stage, the public would look at them as a yellow, red, or a blue supporter. So whenever people out there would cast insults, they were not directed on only one person but all of us as a group.

So, at that period when people would view our group and a political band. I saw that it would damage my career which I had just started. That’s when I decided to quit.

Carol Nantongo

Carol Nantongo added that there are many other reasons that forced her to quit the band that she declined to speak out on air.

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