Veteran musician Ramathan Mutebi alias Lord Bitem has branded the opponents with whom he is vying for the Uganda Musician Associations (UMA) presidency office as “cowards”.

Lord Bitem came out to describe his opponents as “cowards” and timid after Cindy Sanyu foxed to attend a meeting that was held on Monday organized by UMA where they announced the official voting dates.

In the meeting, King Saha who was absent during the presidential debate showed up for a few minutes and also left for a burial in Nansana saying time was against him since the meeting was set up on short notice.

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When King Saha was asked why he was a no-show at the presidential debate, he responded that he had been booked for a performance in Jinja and he couldn’t risk missing out.

Lord Bitem threatens that if the UMA Electoral Committee makes any more changes in the newly set voting dates, he will swear in himself as the duly elected UMA president for the next two years.

If the UMA executive board makes any changes in presidential voting dates that have been set, I will swear in myself.

Lord Bitem

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