Cindy Sanyu took a swipe at her main opponent in the Uganda Musicians Association race, King Saha after he snubbed Saturday’s public debate.

On Saturday 21st May 2022, a televised presidential debate between the Uganda Musicians Association candidates was held.

The three candidates contesting for the top seat; Cindy Sanyu, Lord Bitem, and King Saha were expected to appear for a heated debate in which they were to answer fans’ questions regarding their manifestos.

Kings Love Entertainment boss, King Saha who has been quite vocal during the campaigns, was a no-show at the debate.

The debate still went on regardless of King Saha’s absence as Lord Bitem and Cindy expressed their plans and why they should be voted by fellow entertainers.

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Saha later explained that he missed the debate because he had been booked to perform at a chow in Jina which he could not miss.

His explanation was, however, not so satisfying for his opponents who went on to brand him a “coward” and a “joker”.

Through social media, Cindy said that the debate went well even though Saha didn’t attend. She also hoped that Saha realized that the association is not a joke as he might have thought.

The debate went really well (and I trended on Twitter) even though one of my opponents didn’t show up. I hope you all realize now that UMA is not a joke. We artistes are uniting and organizing ourselves. With some commitment we will reach where we are going.

Cindy Sanyu

The UMA elections were pushed from happening on Monday 23rd May 2022 with the association citing the need for a better understanding of the voting process.

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