Ugandan singer Angella Katatumba finally let the cat out of the bag about how she was forced out of the USA because of accumulated debts.

A video of a man revealing how most people living in Canada are living on debt went viral after being shared on social media.

“In Canada everyone has a debt, everyone lives on a debt. That’s why you see people hurrying, that’s why you see people unhappy,” the unidentified man said.

“You can never see a person going on holiday for more than a month. It’s only a week or two. Stress is every single day,” he added.

“You can buy everything you want; a phone, car, house, for a loan very well knowing that you’re never going to finish paying off the loan.

“That’s why the stress is too high. People have jobs, they earn money but by the end of the month that money is all gone. How can you live life like that?” he questioned.

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Upon watching the video, Angella Katatumba decided to open up on the real reason why she also fled the USA.

On her social media platforms, the singer confessed that she was living in an endless circle of forced debt and she was so unhappy.

“YAP! Exactly why I left the USA. I was so unhappy and realised, I was moving in an endless circle of forced debt,” Angella Katatumba wrote.

Katatumba left the USA and returned to Uganda in 2016 to resume her music career and she has no hopes to go back to the diaspora.

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