Netizens concur with NBS TV presenter Tuff B who revealed that Gift Ov Kaddo is battling mental health issues and needs help.

While on the NBS KURT interview on Saturday 28th May 2022, Gift Ov Kaddo real name Abbey Gift Kyambadde lost his cool after local music analyst Alpha Tymz claimed that people do not know his music.

It took the intervention of the show host Tuff B to cool Gift Ov Kaddo down but according to the Dolphin Foundation boss, the ex-Goodlyfe singer could be battling mental health issues.

After the interview, Gift Ov Kaddo thanked Tuff B for having him on the show but cautioned him against “bringing cows” to the show to question what they do not understand.

“Thanks for having me Tuff B I appreciate the opportunity. Let your show look legendary than bringing cows questioning what they don’t understand,” Gift Ov Kaddo wrote.

Tuff B as well later ran to his Facebook page and revealed how Gift Ov Kaddo’s reactions could be a result of his battles with mental illness. “Mental illness is real just noticed today at NBS KURT,” he wrote.

Upon coming across the former Gagamel singer’s post, Gift Ov Kaddo took a screenshot of it and furiously retaliated through a post in which he said that some presenters downgrade artists during interviews.

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“I won’t accept that stupidity of bringing artists on your interviews and then you start putting them down. NBS Television I take years to see my songs even playing on your channel. So the chance you give for an interview it’s always putting me down,” Gift Ov Kaddo partly wrote on Facebook.

He added, “Some presenters wanted to be musicians but the lack of talent is still the problem for them. So that all bad mind energy and not accepting defeat is still the main problem in our game. Tuff B if you take me this way I will accept accordingly to your brains but accept am the chine to run the weels. God is still blessing my hustle bro with more life and Healthy.”

In another post, Tuff B indicated that the former Goodlyfe singer is just being tormented by his own thoughts due to mental illness.

“Nothing in this world torments us as much as our own thoughts. Mental illness is not a disease, it’s an effect caused by our own thoughts. Stop thinking negative and try to be positive. The universe gives us back what our thoughts imagine. I love you bro,” Tuff B wrote.

A section of fans also aired their opinions on the back and forth online war with some noting that the “Traffic Man Officer” singer needs help indeed.

“Gift of Kaddo is mentally ill and he needs help,” wrote Bridget Ssali before she also asked him to quit drugs.

Several other comments pointed in the same direction whereas others sided with Gift Ov Kaddo saying some media houses intentionally malice celebrities during interviews.

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