Zari Hassan and Etania Mutoni mended their broken friendship when the former visited Uganda over the weekend.

Etania Mutoni and Zari Hassan’s feud started not many months ago when the former criticised the Bosslady’s behaviour on the popular reality show, “Young, Famous and African”.

Etania’s comments suggested that Zari is a low-life and so ghetto despite carrying herself around like a classy bosslady.

The NTV Uganda presenter ranted on her Snapchat before her opinion was spread like a wildfire across other social media platforms.

She immediately won herself critics who included Zari Hassan’s close friend Keem Love Black who called her out, asking her to stop poking her nose in other people’s business.

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Keem also revealed how Etania is also just a cheap person who sells alcohol at Jeff Kiwa’s bar and hence has no moral authority to comment on Zari.

When Zari visited Uganda a few days later, a video that went viral showed Etania hiding away from her to which critics commented that she felt ashamed.

Over the weekend, Zari was in Uganda again and she took some time off to party at Club Guvnor with some of her friends.

Etania was also coincidentally at the bar and upon realising that Zari was in the house, she immediately saw an opportunity to mend her relationship with the SA-based socialite.

Sources tip MBU that she approached Zari and apologised for her statements before asking to take a photo with Zari.

Zari, known for often forgiving her enemies and swiftly moving on, didn’t give Etania a hard time as she laughed it off and they took photos together.

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