Zari Hassan has revealed her new lover, Shakib Cham’s age following online slurs from critics claiming that she is molesting a teenager.

For about a month now, Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has been back in the headlines following footage that went viral of her making out with a one Shakib Cham.

Shakib, a Ugandan city boy, is not the most popular and in efforts to know more about him, a few critics have revealed that he is a young boy raised in the Kawempe slums.

Other netizens on social media claim he is barely 20-years-old and that Zari has made it a habit of sleeping around with young boys.

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The South Africa-based socialite and businesswoman, however, trashes the growing allegations that claim she is molesting an 18-year-old.

While speaking to MBU, Zari Hassan made it clear that Shakib is a grown man who just takes care of himself and looks good.

She questioned if those that claim that she is molesting a 30-year-old even know the meaning of the words they use.

“Why are people mad tho? Shakib is 30 he just looks good…lol. I hear 18 year, 20 year old…molesting. Do they even know the meaning of molestation? Smh,” Zari revealed in a conversation with MBU.

Zari is not bothered by what is said by her haters and maintains that she will always love what her heart wants regardless of public opinion.

Well, if he is above 18, she has the right and they look good together, don’t they? We wish them all the best!

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  1. Whaaaaat, ‘Omusaija tayangwa”, that is what the Batooro say, wabula Zari okaddiye for sure, you are a “Jjajja” now, stay home someko ku Bukedde!

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