Canary Mugume’s wife Sasha Ferguson does not side with people who block their ex-lovers after the end of a relationship.

Fiona Nagirinya, commonly known as Sasha Ferguson, will be celebrating her first marriage anniversary with her lover Canary Mugume in September.

The two longtime lovers who walked down the aisle last year have enjoyed such a beautiful relationship that looks quite spotless from the outside.

During a Question and Answer session held on her Instagram stories a while back, Sasha Ferguson shared life tips and relationship advice with her followers.

She also opened up about her friendship with her best friend Madrine, beauty tips, hygiene, zero tolerance for tribalism, and so much more.

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What is the first thing you realized about your hubby and said “OH MY GOD!”?

His Transparency towards me and ability to be a better man every day. He is Heavensent!

What is your reaction to what Canary said that “wofuna omukazi omulunji nakameza kafuuka ka beeyi”?

It is what it is (laughs).

When are you planning to give us a baby?

What do you mean by “us” do you plan to adopt them?

Is it okay for a woman to open up to someone she has a crush on?

Yes, it is totally okay. What disturbs us, women, most of the time is the fear of denial but hey, we are all only human.

Do you believe in God speaking to you about the right partner for you amidst all men? And how?

Yes, He does, but you should also be able to position yourself to listen to Him. You can’t be sleeping with a million men with some married, having their wives crying and praying out there for you to be destroyed and you expect God to talk to you.

You can have a special unsexual connection with several people and pray to God to show you the right one. God talks especially in that small voice that we usually ignore when it warns us from doing certain things.

When you say you trust God for your partner, what exactly do u mean? How do u do it?

What I mean is that when I’m praying for him, I ask God to lead him and help him focus on things that are not going to break him when he is out there working in dangerous zones. I ask God to protect him and see him through all his tough times until he gets back into my arms.

So basically all the protection and trust is in God, right from his safety. It’s like going on a journey where you are driving. Yes, you are in control of your speed contributing to your safety but you still need God for your full protection because in this world anything can happen. God is the only one that can control things in our favor.

How do you deal with bills and finances in marriage?

Let your man take care of the bills and you take care of the small ones. Your husband should never feel drained. You are in it together.

Is it okay to share paying bills and other home stuff with your boyfriend or the man should do all?

It’s very important to share bills, especially with someone you see or plan a future with. No man is an island. You don’t need to be equal in responsibilities though as a woman, play a role too.

My ex still pays for my bills but am seeing someone else and I’ve never opened up to him

Unless he has no attachment and he is doing it out of a good heart and the need to be there for you regardless of the fact that you ain’t together anymore. Other than that what you are doing is wrong and karma might not treat you so well because you are taking advantage of someone who cares for you.

My boyfriend asks me for money yet I don’t ask him. I pay my bills, what can I do?

So you are taking care of yourself and your boyfriend? Not healthy at all unless he is really in a bad place. For a man, if it comes out so easily to always ask you for money, he is one of these three things.

  1. Lazy
  2. Mummy’s boy
  3. Mufele

It’s okay to ask. It shouldn’t be all the time.

How do I deal with insecurity over my boyfriend’s friends who are girls?

You and your partner live in a world that has both men and women and if you are not able to control and adjust to this, the world can be a really uncomfortable place for you unless it’s your partner that actually triggers those insecurities.

I just broke up with my boyfriend. I need some ideas on how to relieve the pain

You need to first focus on your healing and growing yourself as a person. Could be through a career or studies. Put your energy into things that are going to yield positive results in the long run of doing them.

Also, healthy habits are good to refresh your mind like gyming. Please don’t jump into another quick relationship seeking company and healing. It might break you the more.

People who only talk to you when they need something, isn’t that using you because they know you love them?

Be careful with such people but also if they are able to be there for you when you also need them then it can pass because people are different. If they can’t be there for you, think twice about those relationships.

How do I get closer to God? I really feel lost

These three routines can help especially if you don’t do them for the sake of it. Mean it, pray a lot, read the Bible, and in a week, make it a must to congregate even if it’s just once. Wednesdays are my church days as a must. I registered it in my mind so just as you plan for other things, plan to give God time too.

How does one stop comparing themselves to other people?

You need to start by loving yourself and this happens when you start doing things that make you feel proud of yourself. Daily improvement is good. Change something every day about your life for the better. You could start by reading a few pages of a nice book. Learn healthy habits.

Tribalistic people and racists are people to stay away from especially if you are very sensitive. They can frustrate your life as if they come from an angel planet and you come from some dark corner of the world. I despise tribalism.

Sasha Ferguson

Any encouraging words for anyone struggling out there?

Don’t lose yourself in the judgment of others and only compete with yourself. In this case, may the best version of yourself win.

Is it okay to be single till 30? I’m now 26 but I feel like I am too old not to be in love. I still want to fulfill my dreams

When the time is right, love will find you. It’s never too late. For now, focus on bettering yourself so that when it comes around, it’s not the only thing that defines you.

What’s your advice to couples of the same age? Can the relationship be a success?

It can, especially when you both have mature minds and are able to work on it every day without getting tired.

Is it possible for agemates to get married?

Me and my husband are a living testimony. So yes it’s possible.

Is it okay to keep on dating a guy who never takes you on dates and does not show any romantic gestures at all?

Maybe you need to understand his love language and vice versa. As lovers, you need to talk about these things because it’s those things that make you feel loved the more.

Is it necessary to block your ex?

Unless he/she is toxic, there is no need. Relationships don’t have to be so bitter after they end. It’s already a small world and you never know who you will come across tomorrow.

What’s the best revenge you can give an ex who chucked you for no reason?

Move on and shine on your next journey.

What would you do if the color pink was banned?

I think I would be banned with it (laughs)

How long do you use your toothbrush?

3 months! I set a reminder on my phone because I also forget sometimes (laughs).

You are so cute. I saw you at Caffeserie on Women’s Day and I was scared to say “Hi.” What do you use on your skin?

Sometimes a “Hi” is nice. I’m not scary.

This guy got two kids in his past relationship. He wants me for church marriage. I’m 32-years-old with no kid. Please advise

That’s not a crime. People have pasts and they can move on from them. Unless he is stuck there.

What’s your advice to someone who considers changing their religion for their partner?

Love alone is not enough in some matters. Some things are so personal that you need to take that step when you are totally at peace with yourself about it not just doing it for someone. It’s bad to feel lost but it’s even worse to feel lost in religion.

My hubby wants a baby but I’m not ready to have a baby now

By “hubby” does it mean you are married? If so sit down with him and talk about it and make sure you reach a middle ground because that can be a really sensitive topic. If you are not yet married, don’t let your partner rush you. Sometimes when you rush you crush. You don’t want to end up a single mother.

I love the way you love your best friend Madrine. I’ve followed your friendship with her for a long time. Keep it up

She is a sweetheart.

One of my boyfriends has become serious and I don’t know how best to break up with the other. Help!

Some people understand that one can outgrow the other and at the dating stage it’s okay to walk away if things ain’t working out. Speak out to them. Perhaps you are also one of the people they are dating and don’t want to break up with because of fear to hurt your feelings.

It’s healthier to get out of that game/sexual network early enough and settle with someone you feel can yield something good.

How do you stay with someone who literally hates and beefs banyankole yet you are one

Tribalistic people and racists are people to stay away from especially if you are very sensitive. They can frustrate your life as if they come from an angel planet and you come from some dark corner of the world. I despise tribalism.

Say something about family members who are always judging you

Your family or your partner’s? You need to train your mind on how to shut down on things you cannot control. In this case, their effect on you can be minimal or zero.

I grew up watching you on TV. I just wanted to say am very proud of what you are doing

Thank you, dear. I enjoyed my teenage age in the field… I’m glad I had a chance to experience and outgrow it.

Ebeeyi y’amafuta eri wagulu nnyo. Nsaba kunyambako nyabo ne bba wo

Naye nga tetukola mu government.

Dear Sasha, I had a guy who said sorry after f**king me and then told me he has a wife

It’s important not to be taken up by this thing called sex. Stay woke 24/7 so that you are not taken advantage of anyhow. And don’t regret some actions especially when you do them with one heart. Count it as fun and move on, it’s a lesson for the future.

He does not hate my family but wants me to be secretive about us

Be careful, some people want to trap you without letting anyone else know. Learn to open your eyes.

Hey dear one, is it ok, to date a guy who can never spend even data on you?

I could be wrong but dealing with bakopi people is difficult sometimes although if one is struggling and doesn’t have, that is totally understandable.

I want to be a successful lady. How do you do it because I am so hard working and I pray hard too

Waking up every morning to be busy all day doing something that doesn’t yield much can be draining sometimes yet one feels like he/she is really working hard. I prefer working smart and putting God at the center of your life.

Sometimes I dedicate 5 hrs of intensive work and the rest of the hours I’m learning more about God by going to church for half of my work day. In God, that’s where knowledge and direction start from.

As you are listening to the word of God, sometimes ideas penetrate through, and once you go out there to work on them, they work out.

My parents want me to go and work from outside countries but I am scared to leave my boyfriend

If you were scared for your life that would be understandable but what if you stay and lose out on both your boyfriend and financial progress?

Sometimes you need to go secure your future first before putting too much in love. True love waits. In 2018, I experienced the same challenge but I left. I had to work and I still found the love of my life.

Trust God for your everything and let His will be done to you. Everything else will eventually make sense.

How do you deal with in-laws who show you they hate you? Do you force it or keep off?

When you get married, you are in that family to stay, regardless. Leave alone this white behavior of if you ain’t happy in marriage, you divorce.

You have to find a way to connect with these people especially when a child comes into the picture. Ignore the hate and play dumb. It will help you overcome so much and if you stay far from them, even better.

Check on them but keep some boundaries to yourself and even when you are having conversations with your partner, go slow on what you talk about family. That topic is sensitive.

A friend is being sexually harassed by the boss but she loves her job. Please advise.

Is the job better than her mental health? Some people know exactly the right thing to do but choose not to do it but what does it pay that is more than her dignity? I might advise her and she still sticks to what she is going through. It only takes her to make it stop.

Hello Sasha, any advice you give to a girl/lady intending to get serious (committed) to their partner?

Communication is key in every healthy relationship and you also need to keep in mind that you are both human so that you don’t quit helping each other learn and be better every day.


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